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Hello everyone,
I have been away for like two or three month’s and I’m incredible sorry because I know there are people out there that enjoy this blog a lot and I’m sorry for not posting anything in so so so so long. 

I took a long break on summer and the end of school because I had stress and wanted to rest. Now that the new school year has started I want to get back to it and work on this blog again to get it up and running and get all these confessions on JFasion out there. And for that I’m looking for some help. 
If you’re reading this wouldn’t mind spending an hour or two working on this blog I need you. I want you to send me an ask containing the following: Your name, age, country you live in, your main language, your knowledge with photoshop or another tool like that and your motivation. 

I hope someone wants to help and in any case this weekend post will rain! 

Lots of love

Anonymous sent: inactive? D: .__.*

I’m very very sorry you all! 
The’re are a lot of confessions and I  haven’t been posting. I’m very sorry about that. 
My vacation started and since it started  I just haven’t been able to bring myself to doing so much. My past year has been very busy so as soon as I’m feeling awesome again I will get back to posting one confession a day. 

Thank you all so very much for still following and staying tuned. This blog isn’t dead yet! I promise that I will get back to it!  

I love Gyaru makeup and fashion, but I don’t really bother with it because I’m mixed and think I would never really look the part, and as much as I love Japanese and even the Korean Ulzzang styles, it’s bitter sweet when I realize how they even have a western standard of beauty, I’ll never have pearly white skin. And I can’t even use lotion from Japan or Korea because they have skin whitening properties in them.
I can’t wait ‘till pastel goth dies out and fairy kei can thrive again. I’m sick of seeing stupid ‘offensive kawaii’ stuff, ugly pastel galaxy prints, religious crosses and don’t get me started on ‘soft grunge’ in the fashion. Fairy kei isn’t like that. BRING BACK THE PETTICOATS AND 80’S AWESOMENESS!
I wish I could dress in a style like mori kei or dolly kei but I’m so nervous people will judge me if I don’t pull it off perfectly.
I love it when I inspire my friends to try J-fashion but then I get possessive and jealous when I see them doing the same things as me. Like when they have the same hair styles or buy the same clothes. I know I have no right to be annoyed at it but I can’t help it.
I’ve been dressing in J-fashion for so long (specifically fairy kei/sweet lolita/decora), that when I see people in normal clothes, I immediately think of them as boring. Most of the times that I’m with ‘normal’ looking people, I imagine how much better they’d look in J-fashion.
I really want to wear lolita, but whenever I try to put together a co-ordinate, I always chicken out of wearing it because I feel overdressed. I wish this wasn’t the case, and I keep trying to put together more casual outfits, but a little part of me feels silly in the fashion no matter what.

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The readings will take two weeks. After these two weeks we will  come together and discus it in our chat room on chatzy. The link of the chat room will be send to the members every time we discus the reading. 
Manga Explorers has 12 members. The club is limited to 12 members because we want to be able to have an organized discussions after the readings and in the end we want to be able to have a close group. 
Even if your not a manga explorer feel free to follow our readings and explore manga yourself! 

This is the idea I mentioned a few days ago. I set it in motion!So please check the blog out if your interested! The logo will be worked on, it’s very pink at the moment haha.
I myself dress gyaru. I love the style and I enjoy looking at other people’s fashion. I usually dress with Liz Lisa and similar clothing. But it’s often quite annoying that people call this fashion or me a slut. Yes, I show my legs but nothing else. You can’t see any cleavage. Only legs and I don’t get the point why people may dress with showing their breasts but you may not show your legs. I would get it if it was agejo (dia, mars) but… Liz Lisa? What the hell is wrong with it?